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Last updated 2 Mar 2024
Court 1Open
Court 2Open
Court 3Open
Court 4Open
Court 5Open
Court 6Closed
Court 7Closed
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Court 9Closed


  1. June 2024

    1. Sat 29

      REP Junior State Age
      29-30June and 1-2 July

  2. July 2024

    1. Sat 13

      Round 9 Winter

    2. Sat 20

      Round 10 Winter

    3. Sat 27

      Round 11 Winter

  3. August 2024

    1. Sat 03

      Round 12 Winter

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Welcome to Redcliffe Leagues Netball Association

Redcliffe Leagues Netball Association (RLNA) previously known as Peninsula Netball Association, has been a strong provider of sport to families on the Peninsula and surrounding areas since 1974, originally on grass courts and without a fixed clubhouse until 1984. The early 90's saw the installation of bitumen courts and subsequent court resurfacing later in the same decade. In 2000 PNA partnered with Redcliffe Dolphins and became Redcliffe Leagues Netball Association. RLNA is an incorporated body and is governed by Netball Queensland.

During the week, our courts are made available to local schools for interschool sports as well as the Brisbane Outer Schools League. In total, we provide facilities for approximately 2000 netballers annually.

We are partnered with Brisbane North Cougars, providing pathways for our next wave of netballing talent and inspiring future generations of players, coaches and umpires to step up to the national, semi-professional level.

Calling all 2024 Umpires

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Fair Play Vouchers are accepted

These vouchers can be applied to your netball fees.

If you are approved by the Governement portal please email a copy to and use your code at the registration check out.  Remember to have your FPV code before you register with RLNA.

If you would like to apply for a $150 FairPlay Voucher please ensure you register on the new system if you haven't already.  For the details on how you can register and enquire click here.

Official partners of Redcliffe Leagues Netball Association